About us


MASARAT FOR ACCREDITATION Company founded in 2016 by Saudi expertise in the field of Biosafety and cleanrooms to assist our clients to achieve the highest infection and contamination control standards and comply with the accreditation body’s requirements including SFDA, GMP, CBAHI, WHO, CAP, CDC and many others. We at Masarat...


Cleanrooms and GMP Facilities

Masarat for Accreditation in collaboration with its partner MRC Systems; provides the state of art cleanrooms solutions and GMP facilities...

Why you should choose us

Innovative infection and contamination control solutions:

  • Innovative cleanrooms and GMP facilities in accordance to international standards
  • Innovative Biocontainment laboratories classified as BSL3 & BSL4 in accordance to international standards
  • Track record of cleanrooms and BSL3 laboratories projects in Saudi Arabia.
  • Renowned partners from UK and USA to meet our clients need s and expectations
  • In house team of experienced engineers trained and qualified in UK & USA.
  • High quality services and support
  • Life span of cleanrooms panels extend to 40 years.
  • Products are built with the latest technology

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