About us

MASARAT FOR ACCREDITATION Company founded in 2016 by Saudi expertise in the field of Biosafety and cleanrooms to assist our clients to achieve the highest infection and contamination control standards and comply with the accreditation body’s requirements including SFDA, CBAHI, WHO, CAP, CDC and many others.

We at Masarat for Accreditation provide end to end solutions to our clients. We offer a wide range of services that includes consultancy services in the field of biosafety, infection and contamination control, and cleanrooms through our team of engineers and our wide network of national and international experts. We pioneer in testing and maintaining cleanrooms, biosafety laboratories, controlled environment, biological safety cabinets, horizontal laminar airflow cabinets, isolators, and fume hoods to meet international standards.

Masarat for Accreditation offers exceptional and innovative cleanroom solution through our renowned international partner (MRC Solutions) with more than 35 years of experience in designing and building state of art cleanrooms. Our cleanroom products are exceptionally durable, cost effective, and more resistant to the most aggressive chemicals.

Client’s organizational success is an essential component of what we do. We at Masarat for Accreditation offer comprehensive array of training packages to our clients that ensures they gain the best out of their equipment and technologies. In the same time, provide a health and safe working environment.