Masarat for Accreditation provides maintenance, testing and certification services for Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) from different brands and made in accordance to international standards and regulations (i.e. USP 797, ISO 14644-2015, BS EN24:2000, ANSI/NSF 49 and CETA guidelines)

The following tests will perform on each Testing and Certification visit to ensure safety of the user, products and environment:

  1. Down flow velocity test
  2. Inflow velocity test
  3. Air flow smoke test
  4. HEPA filter leakage test
  5. Particle Counting test
  6. Site installation assessment test
  7. Light intensity test
  8. Noise/sound level test

Trust Masarat for Accreditation, with our qualified Biosafety Certifiers, to test and maintain your BSC to international standards.


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