Cleanroom Solution

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Masarat for Accreditation in collaboration with its partner MRC Systems provides the state of art cleanroom solution for different application include but not limited to the followings:

  • Pharmaceutical.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing, R&D and API plants of all classifications.

  • Hospitals.

Compounding laboratories, Operating rooms, Isolation rooms, CSSD and among others.

  • Aerospace.

Satellite assembly, micro-electronics, aircraft panel manufacturing and more.

  • Containment (BSL).

Controlled environments for handling toxic pathogens. Up to BSL level 4.

  • Micro-Electronics.

Particulate and static controlled environments for the electronics industries.

  • Medical Devices.

Controlled environments for the manufacturing of medical devices.

  • Maintenance.

Facilities for the manufacturing and maintenance of critical equipment.

  • Others.

Industries requiring controlled environments.