MYCOMETER Technology

MYCOMETER Technology

MYCROMETER is a technology for Rapid testing for Bacteria and Fungi on SURFACE & AIR 

Quantification of fungi on surfaces in less than an hour

All mould growth, independent of species can affect health and should be removed. Protocols have been developed for measurement of mould contamination inside porous materials. Insulation materials, materials containing cement (e.g. concrete, plaster, mortar) and other porous materials found in buildings can contain mould growth deep inside. The Mycometer technology has been tested daily for more than 15 years by consultants and contractors in tens of thousands of mould remediation projects.


  • Post remediation verification (PRV)
  • Documenting the efficacy of the cleaning of surfaces for mould growth
  • Documentation of mould growth
  • Documentation that discoloration is NOT mould growth
  • Delineation of mould growth where it is non-visible. How much should be cleaned?
  • Documenting the cleaning of HVAC systems



The Mycometer® surface Bacteria is a rapid method for measuring the level of bacteria on surfaces whether they are introduced from flooding or whether they are present due to structural water damage or a generally high moisture content. The method was developed specifically as a tool to investigate surfaces that have been affected by Category 1, 2 & 3 water sources. Mycometer® surface Bacteria fills the gap between the slow classical cultivation methods and the very rapid but non-specific and inaccurate methods based on ATP technology. A high reproducibility and robustness has provided a platform for the development of Interpretation Criteria which is a unique feature for the Bactiquant-surface. 

The Mycometer® surface Bacteria is the only rapid surface technology specifically for bacteria that has been verified by US-EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Bacteria can sometimes inhibit mould growth and vice versa. 

  • Onsite bacterial contamination assessment.
  •  Onsite results in less than an hour! 
  • Verified Technology (USEPA 2011). 
  • High data reproducibility.


Mycometer® air Fungi is the state-of-the-art test method for onsite quantification of fungal particles in air in less than an hour. The methodology measures the level of fungal particles in terms of viable and most nonviable spores and hyphal fragments. Further, two independent peer reviewed publications have shown that it also measures microparticles from the fungi. The Mycometer® air Fungi methodology quantifies fungal particles in the air by measuring the level of the enzyme, β-N-acetylhexosaminidase (NAHA), from airborne fungal particles captured on a 0,8 µm pore size filter.

The technology is verified by US-EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and was shown to have a high reproducibility. This high reproducibility is a result of:

  • High level of standardization
  • Objective analysis, not subjective interpretation like e.g. microscopy
  • High and constant collection efficiency
  • Minimal sampling handling

The Mycometer® air Fungi has been chosen as the only methodology for measuring mould in air in the new (2011) Danish Standard DS3033 “Classification of the quality of the indoor climate in residential houses, schools, children´s day-care centres and offices”.