Biosafety Laboratories (BSL3/4)

Biosafety Laboratories (BSL3/4)

Masarat for Accreditation provides Biocontainment/ Biosafety laboratories level 3 and 4 (BSL 3 and BSL 4) design, construction, commissioning and certification in accordance to WHO, CDC, NIH, BMBL and others.

Laboratory Planning

Masraat for Accreditation in colaboration with its partner World BioHazTec specialize in the programming, planning and design of biocontainment and research laboratories. Our in house team and international partners provide an optimum design that meets the objectives of the planned research and ensure that the laboratory will operate safely and securely.

Our experts consider safety, accessibility and research goals when planning and programming the laboratory. Critical support areas, equipment, instrumentation, furniture, workflow and M&E systems are incorporated into the design so that a safe and practical laboratory layout is achieved. Our services cover diagnostic, clinical and research laboratory from biosafety laboratories BSL2 through BSL4 including Animal facility.

Engineering Controls

  • Design and Engineering ( Conceptual & Detailed Design)
  • Modular Paneling and Accessories
  • Modular Mechanical & Electrical Work (MEP)
  • Biocontainment Laboratory testing, commissioning and certification

Administrative Controls

  • Biosafety Program ( 5×5 Risk Assessment)
  • Guidance in SOPs drafting and preparation
  • Biosafety training for Biosafety Officers, endusers and O&M personnel.

Modular Biosafety Laboratories 

  • Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Cleanroom Accessories
  • HVAC System
  • Flooring

Our Panels 

  • Cannot rust like metal panels, no risk of corrosion
  • Do not need any insulation material, so you can use the inside of the panel for all  services and air return, saving vital space.
  • No painting needed and any colour is available, colour is mixed into the resin during  construction
  • Have superior chemical resistance to other sytems, including H202.
  • Integral coving, no stick on pvc coves which are not GMP
  • Strong and resistant to heavy impact
  • Can be repaired, invisibly, on site
  • Great flexibility for cut and modified on site
  • Made up to 11.5 metres high in one single piece
  • Life span of 35 years +

Facility Design 

  • We provide the experience and expertise to provide design solutions; from conceptual through to detailed engineering levels, combining state of the art technology and great value.

Modular Biosafety Laboratories 

  • We provide a full range of GRP and HPL modular Biosafety laboratories (BSL 3 and BSL 4) and accessories. In addition to this we offer a turnkey solution including HVAC, electrical and mechanical services. Our Biosafety laboratories solution is unique and superior to any other system available on the global market.

Trust Masarat for Accreditation, with our wide range of international partners and qualified in house biosafety laboratories consultants, to design, construct and certify your Biocontainment facilities to international standards.